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Inspired by the Italian culture of beauty and the attention to details.

The company
Only Frank S.r.l was founded in the tanning district of Solofra on the 20th of April 1999, coming from an intuition of Francesco Aleide, current administrator who gradually led the company to a prominent role in the tanning industry in Italy

Only Frank s.r.l is the result of a business project bound to environmental sustainability and to the development of human resources.
Today 90% of production is based on vegetal tannins, following the environmental protection laws.
The leather produced by the vegetable tanning process is Chrome FREE and does not contain substances harmful to man and the environment. We also use only raw materials (leather) which are a sub-product of the food industry, so no animals are killed for use in the tanning industry.
The company’s staff, considered an important asset, always careful to improve and optimize production, is proud of its knowledge and experience in the industry.

Inspired by the Italian culture of beauty and the attention to details. Only Frank holds an eclectic knowhow derived by the experience of our artisans, who for generations have been handing down the passion for their work.
We firmly believe in the value of beauty, taking care for every details in the production process and affirming our desire of providing a typical Made in Italy product.

Certifications and awards

Certifications and awards

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