Only Frank has obtained the ICEC certification of ecological leather

The ICEC – Quality Certification Institute for the Leather Area has awarded the Only Frank Tannery the three-year certification of ecological leather or eco-leather for leather and leather with reduced environmental impact based on the UNI 11427: 2015 standard.

The Leather Decree which came into force in October last year has finally placed a regulation on the use of the terms leather and leather. And, thus, the wording “eco-leather” up to now improperly used to designate synthetic fabrics, takes on a new connotation. The Decree has, in fact, established that when we talk about leather or ecological leather we refer exclusively to the animal dermis tanned according to the parameters of the UNI 11427: 2015 standard.

This is why ICEC, the reference certification institute for the leather sector, issues the three-year ecological leather certification only to companies that operate a sustainable management of water and energy consumption, discharges, waste and emissions into the air. Requirements that have allowed our company to obtain the eco-leather certification and logo.

In an interview for Altro che chiacchiere column of the February 2021 issue of La Conceria, Valentina Aleide co-founder of the leather clothing brand The Al which belongs to Only Frank srl, explained that this certification in addition to offering a guarantee to the partners of the  , it also testifies to the sustainability of the tanning used for the production of the garments displayed in the Milanese showrooms.

This certification is a source of great pride for the company, but also a stimulus to further improve and open up to new challenges and horizons.