The quality of leather products from Tannery Only Frank follows the highest Italian tanning tradition. Focused on the fashion industry, the company has always developed leathers used in the collections of major international brands together with their style offices located throughout the world.

The company is able to offer quality and continuity of classic articles and to develop new according to the needs of clients. Only Frank srl develops a wide range of leather for leather goods, footwear and clothing made of leather with:

  • Chrome tanning
  • Free tanning Metal
  • Vegetable tanning

Articles Natural dyes with brilliant, uniform, manual and feels silky add to the sophisticated finishing techniques, carried out according to the environment and the preservation of the impact on the territory. Only Frank with its network of partners can develop textured skins, with laser engraving, laminates, serifigrafati, towel and other types of processing on demand.

The following sheets are of some items we produce, please contact us for more here.

Data Sheets

  • Round


  • Flower garden

    Flower Garden

  • Snake


  • Nabuk



    Off White

  • Nappa Brown

    Nappa Brown

  • Soft Leather

    Soft Leather

  • Blue Cube

    Blue Cube

  • Glossy


  • Perforade


  • Round


  • Washed


Certifications and awards

Certifications and awards

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